perjantai 16. kesäkuuta 2017



I was once happy here,
I was once sure of my life.
You took that away and now I´m
dead inside.

It didnt stop, cheating online,
it didnt stop, or us began.
I gave you a chance to do something
to think, to choose.
All I have to say,
you will loose. 

I looked old pictures and cried.
In those pics I smiled!
Now I feel like a fool
and keep on crying.

Why did you have to break us,
Was I too much?
I´m way too tired to care anymore,
I need to move on.

I really wanted this to work, once.
Now, I dont think that we can fix a thing
cause for you theres online bing

I´m so angry, for waisting good life
I have to think, has it all been a lie?
And what makes me even more angry is,
You let me be happy once. 

Falling from that was and is tougher that you think
but I will survive, I´m stronger than you believe.
I hate you for giving and taking
I hate you for playing with my life.

Soon I will be free,
and yes darling, so will you too, you see.
Free to chat, free to do what ever you want. 

I will be free to just heal and live
Yes, heart broken, but yet.. 
no lies, no doubts. 

You know, those take so much energy!
Wish I could say, hope you feel that some day too..
But I dont want this for no one, not even for you.

So once was us and happiness, now it´s just...


sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Back against the wall

Well, I don´t know what to think.
You destroyed all I believed!
I believed us, together. You?
You just can´t be forever.

I know, that you are STILL cheating me
Online, whatever, still being that same old
I got you once, then was that third time,
Is it really a charm?

My mind is confused, asking just why? 
Why the hell you need to so stupid bell!
Oh, yes it´s easy. Click here and you have a date.

What about this real life, between us?
How can I continue like nothing has not touch....
My heart is truly in shock,
can´t cry neither stop. 

For a moment I thought that
My life really dosent matter
and that´s that.

Now I´m so tired, I just want to believe
all that I saw, all that I know..
Just a bad dream? Hell no...

I wish I could wake up
just to realize that it was all made up.

But I know, that I´m awake..
I know, that words are fake. 

I don´t want to give up, I dont.
But I can´t keep you with force.
What does the future bring
Can we even see the spring?

If I blame it all in me,
Maybe I not all the woman you just need?
Yet, you said that I was.
Just hard to believe that,
with all the cost.

So you see, I´m going more to my shell
If you want me back, do it well. 

I give up for now, just to see
How much you really want you and me...

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With love

sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016

Hi again

So long time, since last time here! I have been avoiding this blog for one stupid reason: here I have this habit to face myself. Facing what´s really is going on in my life. Sounds silly, dosent it?

Well, last year has bees so crazy, busy and rough mentally. I have been taking care of my mother in law, she was in bad shape..but now..even worse. She´s in hospital, has been 3 weeks now and...we are happy if she can recognize us. It happen so suddenly. 3 weeks ago we talked about everything in life; she understood everything. So sharp. Now...well two small strokes and I´m feeding her. In hospital. That iron woman, that strong human!
And..she´s never coming home again. She cant. Cause she´s just... not in this world. I do miss her so.

Guess what? Now I have some time in my hands and I dont know, what to do with it. Usually, I had so busy days: training, jogging, taking care of her... now...I do work out, jog...but there´s a hole in my days.

It´s my favorite time of year, you know, winter..and I dont even see it. Christmas is coming and I dont understand it. We had traditions in X-mas with iron Dont know...and of course my mans, her son,,,now there´s a hard thing to handle. I know that from my situation with my mom long ago. How hard it is to watch your mother to just...slip.

I tried to write some casual, or lighter blog...again I have to admit...not my thing. I just was escaping there. Also, facing my feelings is good, I just need to do that. So... if there´s someone out there...I´m here. And gonna stay.

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Yep, I will think that with thought and rise again. I will!

with love,