sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Back against the wall

Well, I don´t know what to think.
You destroyed all I believed!
I believed us, together. You?
You just can´t be forever.

I know, that you are STILL cheating me
Online, whatever, still being that same old
I got you once, then was that third time,
Is it really a charm?

My mind is confused, asking just why? 
Why the hell you need to so stupid bell!
Oh, yes it´s easy. Click here and you have a date.

What about this real life, between us?
How can I continue like nothing has not touch....
My heart is truly in shock,
can´t cry neither stop. 

For a moment I thought that
My life really dosent matter
and that´s that.

Now I´m so tired, I just want to believe
all that I saw, all that I know..
Just a bad dream? Hell no...

I wish I could wake up
just to realize that it was all made up.

But I know, that I´m awake..
I know, that words are fake. 

I don´t want to give up, I dont.
But I can´t keep you with force.
What does the future bring
Can we even see the spring?

If I blame it all in me,
Maybe I not all the woman you just need?
Yet, you said that I was.
Just hard to believe that,
with all the cost.

So you see, I´m going more to my shell
If you want me back, do it well. 

I give up for now, just to see
How much you really want you and me...

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With love

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