perjantai 16. kesäkuuta 2017



I was once happy here,
I was once sure of my life.
You took that away and now I´m
dead inside.

It didnt stop, cheating online,
it didnt stop, or us began.
I gave you a chance to do something
to think, to choose.
All I have to say,
you will loose. 

I looked old pictures and cried.
In those pics I smiled!
Now I feel like a fool
and keep on crying.

Why did you have to break us,
Was I too much?
I´m way too tired to care anymore,
I need to move on.

I really wanted this to work, once.
Now, I dont think that we can fix a thing
cause for you theres online bing

I´m so angry, for waisting good life
I have to think, has it all been a lie?
And what makes me even more angry is,
You let me be happy once. 

Falling from that was and is tougher that you think
but I will survive, I´m stronger than you believe.
I hate you for giving and taking
I hate you for playing with my life.

Soon I will be free,
and yes darling, so will you too, you see.
Free to chat, free to do what ever you want. 

I will be free to just heal and live
Yes, heart broken, but yet.. 
no lies, no doubts. 

You know, those take so much energy!
Wish I could say, hope you feel that some day too..
But I dont want this for no one, not even for you.

So once was us and happiness, now it´s just...


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  1. Täällä ollaan <3 Ihanaa viikkoa Maarit <3

    1. Ihanaa Tiia ja tervetuloa <3 Ihanaa viikkoa sinne myös <3


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